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The first snow!

Those of you, who know me quite well know, that I really love snow. But today... First, for my excuse I have to say, that it is not really snow - I mean it doesn't stay because of the wet, but snow is coming down which makes kids very exciting and let them forget everything else. I can understand it but today my director was at my lesson when it started to snow - a really bad timing. I hope you can understand why I'm nor so over excited about the first snow as usual. The other excuse is that I really had an exhausting week so far. I have a sore throat which now turns into I have no voice at all, but I stayed in school because half of my colleges are missing because of certain illnesses. So I really wish the kids were less snow-excited. I hope the next time the snow will choose a better timing and stay so that we all can enjoy it.
4.11.09 13:03

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